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Setting up iA Writer with Working Copy and Remote Repositories, Getting Work Done Without a Computer, and More

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How I’ve Set up iA Writer After Moving from Ulysses »

How I've Set up iA Writer After Moving from Ulysses

Once every couple years, I find myself doing a deep clean of the apps on my iPhone and iPad. 2020 drew the short straw — in so many ways — and I’ve spent the better part of the last three months questioning each app on my home screen.

One of those surprising results — surprising to me, at least — was iA Writer. I’ve long used iA Writer as my “Markdown preview app,” whereby I drop in photo URLs from WordPress and place the URLs within the text as iA’s great right-pane previewer updates on the spot. iA Writer has been a middle-man app in my writing workflow since I started writing over at Tools & Toys in 2014.

Apps We’re Trying: Roam Research »

Apps We're Trying: Roam Research

There’s a lot of buzz recently around a new app called Roam Research. Roam brands itself as “a note-taking tool for networked thought,” which naturally raises the question:

Do we really need another note-taking app?

Work From Home….

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Work Doesn’t Happen at the Computer »

Work Doesn’t Happen at the Computer

Hero image by Nikolay Tarashchenko via Unsplash.

A lot has changed in the last decade.

And if you were to look back over the last three decades, the change is even more dramatic.

One of the many changes is the assumption about where and how work gets done. It used to be that work got done with your hands. And if something needed doing, you rolled up your sleeves and got to work.

Now the assumption is that the only place work gets done is at a computer. And if you’re NOT at your computer, work is most definitely not getting done.

The computer is a powerful machine, and it’s remarkable to think that the smartphone in your hands is more powerful than the computer that put humans on the moon.

But even with all the advances in technology, computers are still just tools.

Computers ≠ Work Getting Done

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