How to quickly see a history of sites visited in a single Safari tab

Following up on the post where we covered how to Show recently-closed tabs in Safari, we wanted to share how it’s possible to go back within one single tab to see the previously-visited sites.

Within a session in Safari, all the sites you visit are logged in the History tab. But, if you want to quickly go back to a recent page you’ve looked at within the same tab, you normally would hit the back button (the backwards chevron or less-than symbol, like this: \<) to navigate through each page.

However, if you tap (or click) and hold on the back arrow, Safari will show a popover with the list of all the sites you visited in that tab in chronological order.

Previously-viewed sites in Safari for iOS

Plus, this history gets saved within the tab and is persistent even once the tab is closed/reopened using the Recently Closed Tabs method – you can accidentally close a tab, then get it back with the full history of pages you visited.

The tab history and recently closed tabs features of Safari for iOS and macOS may seem like minor features, but these add up to a very helpful user experience that might not be immediately discoverable (even if you’ve used Apple devices for years).

Hopefully these help make your browsing sessions on Safari a little easier – and if all else fails, you can still search through your History.

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