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Quick Tip: Create PDFs from emails on iOS

My biggest wish-list item for iOS 9 would be that Mail.app would get access to the extensions share sheets. The task that I’d like to do most is convert an e-mail into a PDF so that I can send them into Evernote. These will typically be receipts that I need to save for tax purposes. While Dispatch can do this natively, Mail.app cannot.

Thankfully, a third-party service has stepped in to make this a possibility. PDF Convert.me is a free service that allows you to forward emails to a special email address, and it will return a PDF copy of that email in return. There is no account to sign up for โ€” just forward an email to pdfconvert@pdfconvert.me and wait for the return email.

PDF Convert.me email

If you wanted to really automate sending to Evernote, you could setup Mail Rules with your email provider to automatically send it to your default notebook. The developer is a great guy, and I’m thankful that he made this service.

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