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What we published this week

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Lightroom is the best photo editing app for the Mac

The upside of photography in the digital age is that it’s easy to make as many images as you want. The downside: Once you’ve made all those photos, you have to do something with them before they pile up faster than you can sort through and share the best.

Duncan Davidson walks us through his reasons for using Adobe Lightroom to edit and organize your photo collection on Mac OS X. He also includes some fascinating behind-the-scenes views into his process.

Sweet Setup interview

This week’s setup features Myke Hurley, podcaster and British gentleman. Myke produces and hosts a selection of shows on 5by5, including The Prompt, CMD+Space, and many more.

Like Patrick, Myke uses his iPhone as more than just a phone.

With the way I live my life, my iPhone is my most important computer. Whilst I’m attending my stooge job during the day, my iPhone becomes my window to the other side of my life.

Quick tip: show the Library folder in OS X Mavericks

This week’s tip is an easy and useful way to ensure your user Library folder shows up in Finder. Stephen explains how to show the Library folder, and also gives us a little history about the change in past OS X versions.

Doxie Go (Sponsor)

Doxie Go

Doxie Go is the portable, rechargeable paper scanner that scans anywhere with no computer required, then syncs directly to your Mac. It helps you organize your scans, then create searchable PDFs to save or send to the cloud.

Your can order your Doxie here.

Our thanks to Doxie Go for sponsoring The Sweet Setup this week. If you’re interested in booking a sponsorship, learn more here.