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What we published this week

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Our Favorite App for Managing Personal Finances and Budgets »

iBank Hero

There are plenty of budgeting apps available to Mac users, and it can be difficult to find the right app for you. We spent six months testing and using the top contenders for features and usability, and we think iBank is the app which will best serve people’s budgeting and finance management needs.

Brendan Wilhide takes us through the pros and cons of several major Mac budget and finance apps. iBank is our pick for the best all-around app, but You Need A Budget (YNAB) is also an extremely powerful and useful app that we named as our second pick.

If you’ve been trying to decide on a budgeting and finance app to use, or if you’re just trying to get started with a budget, then this is a great place to start.

Quick Tip: Use iCab Mobile browser to upload files through iOS »

iCab interface

We use our iOS devices day-in and day-out for so many things that simply weren’t possible a few years ago. Still, there are some things that aren’t possible in iOS. For example, iOS only allows you to upload photos to sites and services in most cases, but Bradley has an awesome tip for getting around that and doing more with your device.

Thankfully, the iCab Mobile browser solves this problem for us. iCab provides desktop class uploading capabilities on your iOS device. When a website calls for a file to be uploaded, iCab allows you to choose files from its internal downloads manager instead of the iOS camera roll. This allows you to upload PDFs, Word documents, and a lot more.

This is the kind of app that focuses on solving one problem, and does it well.

Shahaf Levi’s sweet iOS setup »

Shahaf Levi's sweet iPhone setup
Shahaf Levi's sweet iPad setup

This week’s setup is from Shahaf Levi, a developer and writer who makes apps that improve people’s lives through Apple hardware and software. Shahaf has a website where he publishes his writing and apps.

Shahaf shared both his iPhone and iPad setups with us, and it’s always interesting and valuable to see how people interact with these two similar but unique devices.

Shahaf’s must-have apps for his iPhone and iPad are favorites of The Sweet Setup staff: Drafts for iPhone and Editorial for iPad.

It’s hard to pick one app I can’t live without, but I’ll say that app is Drafts. Giving up the place where text starts on my iPhone would be impossible for me, being a text-oriented person.

iOS 8 releasing next week

As we all know, iOS 8 is dropping next week on September 17. The new changes and features in iOS 8 are exciting on their own, but there’s also a slew of updates to a lot of our favorite apps, which we intend to cover after they’re available. So, stay tuned for some iOS 8 app update goodness.