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What we published this week

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Cloak: The Best VPN Solution for iOS and OS X »

Cloak is the best VPN solution for iOS and OS X

Public Wi-Fi is a great way to download podcasts, movies, and music when on the go without burning through your data cap. Even checking Twitter and sending emails can start to add up if you’re away from home a lot. Public Wi-Fi isn’t always secure, though.

Bradley Chambers tested several VPN solutions available to OS X and iOS, as well as VPN solutions that you configure yourself. Out of the bunch, Cloak came out on top.

With its “set it and forget it” approach, Cloak is the easiest VPN to use. It automatically connects to the VPN from any Wi-Fi network except the ones you have white-listed.

Quick Tip: Use Alfred to launch Chrome from Safari »

It’s hard to believe that Flash is still hanging around these days, but luckily there are options to getting around it instead of installing Flash on your Mac. Chrome is a great browser that has Flash built-in, but you might also prefer using Safari as your default browser. What do you do when you come across a site or video that requires Flash? Bradley has an easy solution.

Whenever I come across a website that requires me to use Flash, I hit CMD + Space (my Alfred shortcut) and type Flash Free. […] When you trigger that workflow, it will take the current Safari URL and load it into Chrome.

Great tip for speeding up the process by using a great utility. Thanks, Bradley!

Alex Arena’s sweet Mac setup »

Alex Arena's Mac setup

The sweet Mac setup for this week features Alex Arena, an undergrad in Computer Science at ASU, and an instructor for the Tuts+ network. Alex also wrote a useful tip for the site back in May for keeping track of your data usage. Thanks, Alex!

Alex has a unique standing desk setup that seems to work perfectly for how he works.

My standing desk is DIY hack made out of an old armoire. While I’ve tried other, more traditional standing desks, this is the one to which I keep coming back.

Perspective Icons 2 for OmniFocus released »

Perspective Icons 2

Icons & Coffee released a new batch of perspective icons this week that look fantastic in OmniFocus 2. Icons & Coffee is a side-project run by Federico Viticci and his girlfriend, Sylvia. The Perspective Icons 2 package includes 100 icons that are built for OmniFocus 2, available in color and monochrome versions for iOS and OS X.

Perspective Icons 2 is currently on sale for the introduction, so be sure to check it out and add some style to your OmniFocus Perspectives.

Uuni 2 (Sponsor) »

Uuni 2

Uuni 2 is the definitive tool for your garden or outdoor kitchen this fall. At fraction of the cost of a traditional wood-fired oven, and with it’s compact size, it blows the competition straight out of the water.

This is how it works:

  1. Light it up, and it’s ready to cook in 10 minutes
  2. Prepare your home-made pizza, and put it in your Uuni
  3. Your delicious wood-fired pizza is ready in just 2 minutes

And it’s not just for pizza — you can cook all sorts of foods with it. Have a look on our website for examples of wood-fired foods we’ve made with it.

Order yours this week, and use the discount code ‘thesweetsetup’ to get $20 off your Uuni 2.

Our thanks to Uuni for again sponsoring The Sweet Setup to promote their new wood-fired pizza oven. If you’re interested in advertising with us you can learn more here.