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What we published this week

Here are some quick links to the articles and reviews we published this week. You can also stay up to date by following us on Twitter and our RSS feed.

Fantastical is the best calendar app for the iPhone


We spent months testing, trying, and using many different calendar apps for the iPhone. Steven Owens breaks down which app is the easiest to use for entering new events, viewing your current agenda, and more. Based on these criteria, Fantastical was the clear choice for best calendar app for the iPhone.

You can view our full review of Fantastical here.

Sweet Setup interview

Rene Ritchie of iMore shared his sweet iPhone setup this week. Rene runs iMore, a website dedicated to all things Apple, and also co-hosts a few podcasts for Mobile Nations.

Quickly share maps and directions from OS X

Stephen Hackett posted a simple yet clever tip on how to send directions and maps from your Mavericks computer to an iOS device. This is a new feature in Mavericks, and one that I’ve overlooked before.

Macminicolo: Mac mini hosting in a data center (sponsor)

Macminicolo - Low cost, high performance. The perfect Mac server.

Macminicolo hosts Mac minis in a very high end data center. Mac minis make great servers for all sorts of things. We’ve been hosting them for nearly nine years and would love to have you give one a try.

Our thanks to Macminicolo for sponsoring The Sweet Setup this week. If you’re interested in booking a sponsorship, learn more here.