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The Productive, Focused Writer (A TSS Webinar)

This coming Wednesday, July 15, we are hosting our next TSS Webinar.

This one is all about being a more productive and focused writer.

The are a handful of common challenges that face just about anyone who does any sort of writing or note taking.

But the good news is that they are surprisingly easy to overcome.

Here is what you’ll get during the live webinar this Wednesday:

  • Quick tips for a more focused writing habit to help you save time and stop procrastinating.
  • How to wrangle the clutter and organizing your ideas, notes, and articles.
  • Plus: Tips and tricks for how to use our favorite writing app, Ulysses.

In order to tune in live, you must RSVP here. That way we can send you the link to the live webinar room.

Why a Webinar About Writing?

Writing on a regular basis is not easy. And, when you finally do sit down to hammer that keyboard, distractions abound.

With all of us living our lives at home for 2020, I know many folks who are wanting to create more. But as you probably know, it’s not easy to show up every day and establish that good creative habit.

Several months ago I revamped my entire morning routine. I have been waking up about 90 minutes before the kids in order to make some coffee, and I spend an hour or so just writing.

This daily focused writing time has been so enjoyable, and it’s something I actually look forward to every day.

That’s why I want to share a few things that can help you be more focused and productive with your writing.

Want to be a more focused and productive writer?

Register for the Focused Writer webinar.

What: The Focused Writer (Live Webinar) — 3 Tips for a Better Writing Workflow, hosted by Shawn Blanc

When: Wednesday, 15 July at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

Where: RSVP HERE (this way we can email you a link to join us live)

Plus, live Q&A to talk about any questions you may have around writing routines, apps, creative habits, etc.

RSVP for the Webinar

Also, later on this week we’ll be announcing an exciting update to our popular Learn Ulysses course. (Yep. We totally coordinated our July webinar and the course update.)

Before the public announcement on Thursday, we’ll be offering a early access along with a discounted price to everyone who attends the live webinar on Wednesday.