How to organize albums into folders in iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library, our favorite cloud photo management service, offers some great organization options for albums.

One of my favorite tricks is creating folders for albums based around holidays. An example might be creating an album for Christmas each year — you can create a Christmas folder that all those albums go inside. This allows you to limit the length of your album list on macOS and iOS.

macOS Steps

  1. To create a folder on macOS, open
  2. Click File → New Folder. This will create the folder in the side list.
  3. You are given the option to name the folder. I would use something generic like Christmas, Birthdays, etc. You can drag albums into these folders to better organize them, and you can also collapse them down.

iOS Steps

On iOS, it’s a little harder to figure out how to create folders.

  1. On the Albums tab, tap and hold the + button in the top left. You will now see an option to create a new folder.

The one thing you can’t do on iOS is move existing albums into new folders. The albums need to be created while inside the folder. You can do this on macOS, however.

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