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Idea Development Systems, Getting Organized with Mind Maps, and More

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Mike’s Idea System 2.0 »

Mike’s Idea System 2.0

I’ve always been fascinated by the human brain.

As amazingly powerful as our computers have become, in some ways they still don’t hold a candle to your biological hardware. For example, they’re great for repeatable tasks and automation, but your brain is far superior when it comes to ideation and brainstorming.

Which begs the question — where do ideas come from in the first place? What is the value of a single good idea, and how can you tell which ones are good and deserve more attention, and which ones aren’t worth the trouble?

I guess I’m just naturally a curious person.

That curiosity is what led me to develop what I call my “idea development system.” The goal of the idea management system is three-fold:

  1. Make sure no ideas slip through the cracks
  2. Help me tell which ideas are good and which ones aren’t
  3. See how big or small an idea really is (see how deep the rabbit hole goes)

One of the unexpected benefits of this idea system is that it made it much easier for me as a creator. Where I previously might have gotten stuck or hit writer’s block, my idea system helps me to keep my creative pump primed. By making sure I always have a stockpile of good ideas to work on and a process for developing them before I sit down to write, I no longer have to dread staring at an empty screen with a blinking cursor.

Must-Have, Most-Used Apps for Thinkers

We spend an inordinate amount of time sorting through hundreds of apps to find the very best. Our team here at The Sweet Setup put together a short list of our must-have, most-used apps for writing, note-taking, and thinking.

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How to Use Folding & Focus Mode in MindNode »

If you work with large mind maps frequently, you’ve probably already experienced how overwhelming things can become as your mind map continues to grow.

Fortunately, MindNode has a couple of features that make it a lot easier to focus on only the sections you want to see.

PKM Primer: An Introduction to Personal Knowledge Management for Creatives »

PKM Primer: An Introduction to Personal Knowledge Management for Creatives

Personal Knowledge Management systems (or PKMs) are all the rage lately. Collecting and connecting information from bookmarks and blog posts in a sort of “personal wiki” using tools like Roam Research and Obsidian can help you see your ideas from different perspectives. Making connections between your notes and ideas can have big benefits — not just for lifelong learners, but for anyone who is looking to do their best creative work.

(Tools & Toys) BenQ “ScreenBar Plus” Monitor Lamp with Desktop Control Dial »

BenQ “ScreenBar Plus” Monitor Lamp with Desktop Control Dial

Over on our sister site, Tools & Toys, they linked to a desk accessory that we’ve seen on so many desk setups over the past few months. This lamp is a fantastic way to add plenty of light to your workspace without causing any screen glare.

BenQ’s elegant ScreenBar Plus is a USB-powered LED desk lamp that clips easily onto the top of your monitor or computer display, granting overhead light to your workspace when needed without taking up any of that space.

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