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How to Watch Today’s WWDC 2020 Keynote Presentation

For the first time, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) will be completely virtual. Like other years though, the conference kicks off with the much-anticipated keynote presentation on the first day of the conference. Traditionally, the keynote offers a look at some of the new products that will be coming in the near future and gives us our first look at the new operating systems for both Macs and iOS devices.

Like most years, there’s a ton of rumors leading up to the conference about new features and hardware. This year’s rumors include a redesigned iMac and a huge shift in the entire Mac lineup towards Arm-based processors.

The Keynote presentation will happen Today at 12pm Central Time (1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific). You can catch the presentation several ways:

  1. You can watch the keynote in Safari by using this link.
  2. You can open the TV app on your Mac, iOS device or AppleTV and navigate to the WWDC2020 section.
  3. The keynote has been added as a special presentation to Apple’s YouTube channel and you can see it there with this link.
  4. You can view the keynote presentation from the newly released Apple Developer Mac app.

P.S. Join the TSS Team live, after the Keynote…

About an hour after the keynote is over, we’ll also be hosting our own live, WWDC Keynote Reactions webstream for anyone in the TSS community.

Join myself, Shawn Blanc, Rosemary Orchard, and Josh Ginter as we talk about what was announced.

If you want to attend, please RSVP here so we can send you the link to the live webstream room when we start at about 3pm Central Time (2pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern).