How to Share Podcast Clips With Overcast

Overcast, our pick for the best podcast client for iOS, recently added the ability to share clips from an episode as a video, which is a great way to introduce your friends to a new podcast!

To get started, open up the episode from which you want to share a clip, go to the share sheet in the top right, and then select Share Clip.

Overcast Share Sheet

Now comes tricky part — selecting the clip. Overcast helpfully starts the clip at your current listening position and sets it to be 30 seconds long, and you can move both ends to get an audio visualisation that guides you to pauses in the audio, helping you trim neatly at the start or end of a sentence.

Overcast edit the clip and set export

The other options here are related to the export format. You can choose audio only, vertical video (ideal for Instagram Stories), horizontal video, or square. In addition to this, you can also choose if you want a badge to be shared on the video with options for Overcast or Podcasts and Overcast.

The final step is to share your audio. As mentioned, you can include it in an Instagram Story, share it to Twitter, via iMessage, or even just save the video to your camera roll.

Overcast clip ready for export

Have fun sharing your favorite podcast episodes!

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