How to Create Custom Actions in Airmail on iOS

Did you know that in Airmail for iOS you can create custom actions that allow you to chain actions together and run them with just one tap?

Yep! You start by opening the Airmail Settings, and then select Custom Actions in the General section.

Airmail General Settings

Once inside the Custom Actions section, you can create one and set up what it does, which includes a massive list of options:

Actions available in the custom actions

ArchiveBinStarSnoozeMark as Read
SpamMove toApply LabelTo DoMemo
DoneAdd Sender to VIPMuteBlockUnsubscribe
Send to CalendarSend to ReminderReplyReply AllForward
RedirectBounceOpen URLSave to iCloud Drive

Plus several other app specific actions including a very customizable Send to Workflow action.

How to set up the reply action

So, what might you do with a custom action? Here’s a few examples:

  • Send a prewritten reply, with the option to edit it (or send it immediately by disabling the interactive compose mode).
  • Apply one or multiple tags, and archive the email.
  • Add the email to Things with a custom URL:

(This will add an item to Things with the message subject as the title and a link back to the message in Airmail in the notes, and the task will have the email tag.)

For many actions, leaving values empty will let them work as you would expect them to by default — e.g. the reply action will reply to the address the email came from by default.

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