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Holiday tech tips for 2017, apps and services we love, and more

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Holiday tech tips for 2017 »

Holiday tech tips for 2017

The holidays are here, and that means that nerds like us are about to be pressed into service when we visit family and friends. From broken iPhone screens to slow Macs, people always save their tech questions for the end of the year.

There are things you can do to be prepared, and these are some of our favorites.

Joan Erwin’s iPad Pro setup »

Joan Erwin’s iPad Pro setup

Joan Erwin is the Senior Vice President of Expansion Operations for CleanSlate Centers where she spearheads the expansion of patient care services.

Apps and services for the holidays »

The holidays are once again upon us. As is our annual tradition, we like to select a handful of apps and services to help you get through the season with your sanity intact. You might even manage to feel relaxed and productive along the way! (We can dream, right?)

Keeping a Commonplace Book: Part 1 »

Despite the fact that our attention spans seem to get shorter each passing day, humans are reading more than in our entire history. From our news to our entertainment to our work, many of us read most of the day, every day. Chris Bowler explains the idea of a commonplace book and how to use one.

The Wrong Way to Manage Your Time »

If there is one thing I have learned about focus and time management over the years, it is that how we spend our time and energy is an ever moving target.

Why? Because seasons of life change. Priorities and goals change. Our daily routines change. And thus, so too must we change how we spend our time.

Let’s talk about how to avoid squandering your time (and, thus, your life).

How to find the best VPN service (Sponsor) »


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