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Free Mind Mapping Webinar: March 10, 2020

Update: The Idea Magic webinar is over, but we have posted a public replay here.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback around our new course, Mastering Mind Maps. It’s been really cool for us to see how many of our readers have embraced mind mapping for themselves and the clarity and confidence they’ve gotten as a result. We even had one person who wrote in to tell us about how they were struggling with the passing of their grandfather and used mind mapping to help sort through their feelings of grief, which ultimately led them to contribute a paragraph for the pastor to read during the memorial service.

As a result of the feedback, we’ve put together a free webinar that we’ll be presenting TOMORROW, March 10th at 2pm Central time (3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific).

The webinar will be presented by Shawn and myself and is titled Idea Magic: How to effectively capture, manage, and develop your ideas. It’s completely free, will probably last a little more than an hour, and we’ll cover:

  • An in-depth look at my idea development system
  • Shawn’s workflow for using this system to create and deliver a Keynote presentation
  • A couple of our favorite MindNode features
  • Some of our favorite examples of how we use mind maps
  • Plenty of time for us to answer your own mind mapping questions

We’ll even do a LIVE brainstorming mind map on the webinar as a group.

It’s going be a lot of fun, and we hope you can join us. Sign up to reserve your spot.