How to download your entire Spotify library on iOS

Spotify, the best music streaming service, contains millions of tracks. This makes it easy to completely ditch local music synced with iTunes, but one negative to streaming is that you need to be online to listen. This doesn’t work when you are on a plane or somewhere else with low connectivity.

Spotify does make it possible to download music offline, though. On any album or playlist page, you can enable the Download option so you can listen while not connected to a network. There doesn’t appear to be a way to download your entire library offline at first glance, but the option is there if you know where to look.

Before we get started, visit the settings section of Your Library → Settings → Streaming Quality. The Download quality is set to Normal by default, but depending on the free storage on your iPhone, you might want to move to High or Extreme.

Next, go to My Library → Songs. From here, you’ll see a list of every song in your library. Enable the Download option, and this will start the process of downloading all of your music.

Spotify download entire library

One thing to note is that Spotify only downloads while the app is open. To keep your iPhone from going to sleep, go to → Display & Brightness, and change the Auto-Lock setting to Never. Then, plug in your iPhone, open Spotify, and let the downloads complete.

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