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Bumpr 1.2 adds Custom Browser Rules, Browser Plugins, and More

Bumpr is a Mac App Store utility that allows you to select a browser in which to open links when clicking them. It’s a handy little app that is great for anyone who occasionally has a need to open links in various browsers, and it recently received an upgrade to version 1.2 that adds several new features.

One new feature we really like is the available browser extensions for Safari and Chrome. This is really handy if you use web apps that force you into Chrome or Firefox instead of Safari. Instead of opening another browser application and re-entering the URL, just click the toolbar icon to open the URL in any other browser you have on your machine. (You can also open any link in a new browser by right-clicking it.)

You can also create custom browser rules in Bumpr. This lets you to choose to always open links to individual domains in a specific browser. By creating custom rules, you can save an extra click every time you access a specific site. It’s a handy feature that reduces the friction of surfing the web via multiple browsers even further as once you set a custom rule, you never have to think about it again.

The last big feature that comes with version 1.2 is keyboard shortcuts. Just press the corresponding number key to launch the appropriate browser from the Bumpr menu.

Bumpr is available on the Mac App Store and is normally $5.99, though currently is available for $3.99.

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