Changing Defaults

It’s 6:34 am. The sound of your smartphone alarm startles you awake. (Actually, it’s the sound of the fifth alarm you’ve set because you’ve gotten so used to snoozing them that it now takes several to finally get you out of bed.) You instinctively reach to grab your phone from the nightstand and perform your […] »

IKEA & Sonos “SYMFONISK” Table Lamp + Wi-Fi Speaker

Earlier this year, it was announced that IKEA and Sonos would be teaming up to release a Wi-Fi speaker that was also a lamp. (They cleverly billed it as “the best sounding lamp in the world.”) That product, the “SYMFONISK” table lamp speaker, is now available for purchase. The best way to describe it is […] »

Curtis McHale’s iPad and macOS Book Publishing Workflow

One of the things I enjoy doing is writing books. Sometimes, I even start a blog post and realize after 20,000 words or so that it's really a book and a series of blog posts. This is the nature of creative writing, and I really enjoy the process of taking an idea to a fully fledged body of work. »

Last Call for Special Pricing on GoodNotes Templates and Course

As you may know, earlier this week we released our brand-new course that is all about GoodNotes. And the launch-week discount is ending later tonight, btw. The response to the new course has been amazing. A huge thanks to all of our readers who signed up for the course. I’ve been hearing from folks who […] »