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How to cut 20% off your calendar

Think about your calendar for this week right now.

Do you automatically tense up a little at the mere mention of it?

So many people are swimming in tasks they either…

  1. Don’t want to do
  2. Don’t need to do (AKA things that can be delegated)
  3. Only do because they’re on autopilot

The bad news: there is no such thing as a magic wand that will automatically make those obligations disappear.

The good news: I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t remove at least ~20% of those tasks with the right plan. And believe me, I’ve seen some INSANE calendars over the years.

Like my friend Jay Shutter.

Jay is the CEO of a market research firm in Austin, TX. Between running his business for over 25 years and raising a family, you can imagine what a typical week looked like for him.

There was ALWAYS more to get done than he thought he could.

The problem?

“It wasn’t like I had a plan,” Jay said. “I was just wandering on autopilot.”

So when I started coaching him, I went back to the same simple equation I’ve seen change the game for so many busy leaders:

  1. Get specific about what you really want for your life in the short and long term (goals, outcomes, achievements, etc.).
  2. Create a plan for spending more time on the activities that will move you closer to those outcomes.
  3. Build habits that help you execute the plan consistently.

These are simple steps that are easy to overlook when you’re constantly swimming in to-dos and unable to pull yourself away from the urgent.

But when you pause to zoom out and focus on these three items, the change is powerful.

“It wasn’t until [then] that I said, ‘Wow, I don’t need to be on autopilot,’” Jay said. “I can actually write down some of these things before it’s too late and get them done. To me, it was a game changer.”

With the right approach to planning, you can very quickly replace that ~20% of tasks you don’t want to do with the stuff you DO want to do.

And that’s just in the short term. Long term, why not get it to 50%? 75%?

It’s all on the table if you have the right vision, plan, and habits.

The upcoming Build Your Dream Week Summit will walk you through developing all three.

It’s a new workshop that’s built to help you cut through the busywork and distractions and remake your week around the things that matter most in your life right now.

It’s for those who:

  1. Want to set aside a few hours next week so you can get clear on your top priorities and create a plan to stay focused on them week after week.
  2. Want to get direct coaching from me as you go through the process.
  3. Crave the accountability and motivation that comes with going through the same material with a small community of others for a short period of time.

You can get all the details on the summit schedule, how to attend online, and more right here:

The Build Your Dream Weak Summit: Full Agenda 👈

The first session kicks off June 11, so mark your calendar!

This summit is built around many of the same concepts featured in my coaching with Jay. Here’s what he had to say: “You’ll be amazed at how much you walk away with. Even if it’s just one item, that nugget will be a gold nugget.”

You’re closer than you think to a sustainable schedule that leaves you with energy at the end of every week — plus enthusiasm for the next one.

Join us for the summit and see how to make it happen!

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