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iPhone 12 Pro First Impressions

Though the iPhone 12 Pro is the most premium iPhone I've ever held, it's also clear this iPhone is meant to be used. It's been a fun weekend watching my wife discover new ways to use her iPhone. »

How to Build a Daily Writing Habit

When it comes building a daily writing habit — or any sort of endeavor for that matter — one of the biggest challenges is to keep showing up every day. »

A Month with Apple Watch Series 6

I've been wearing an Apple Watch all day, every day since the launch of the original Apple Watch in April of 2015. I wear it around the house. I wear it when working out. I wear it to church. Even more than my iPhone, my Apple Watch is the thing that I always have with me. »

Nate Dunn’s Mac and iOS Setup

Nate Dunn runs a cycling coaching company from Sacramento, CA where he works with cyclists to analyze and improve their training to reach their goals. »