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Quick Tip: How to use sub-tasks in Notion

Notion is constantly coming out with new features, which as an avid user, I greatly appreciate. One of the most notable new features is sub-tasks and dependencies. This is a fantastic new feature for those who work on a team in Notion, making it an even stronger contender with Asana. The dependency feature lets you […] »

Polar Habits – A “Cool” New Habit Tracker (Without the Guilt)

There are a million habit-tracking apps out there. But almost all of them are built on some form of the idea, “Don’t break the chain.” The basic idea is that when you consistently show and take action, you create a lot of momentum toward creating positive change. And that makes a lot of sense. But […] »

Notion Habit Tracker: The ultimate guide and template for 2023

“Habits are the compound interest of self improvement” – James Clear This time of year, everyone is talking about goals. And New Year Resolutions. And Progress. And taking over the world. Over here at The Sweet Setup, we’ve been talking about habits a lot lately. Without habits, your New Years Resolutions, Goals, and plans to […] »

A First Look at Rewind.ai

Rewind.ai is a pretty incredible new tool for Mac users that bills itself as the search engine for your life, and that's really not a bad way to describe it. »

In Praise of Habit Trackers

Quick wins are rarely the elements of a long-term strategy. If you search for quick wins, you’ll find them. But they won’t add up to anything substantial over time. Instead, focus on being consistent with smaller actions you can stick with over a long period of time. Here’s why… The two types of goals (and […] »

Introducing Focus Boosters (for TSS Members)

If you’ve ever tried to learn something new or up-level in an area of your life, but fizzled out… then we’ve got just the thing for you. 🚀  This week we are starting something new inside the Focus community membership: Focus Boosters Focus Boosters are community-led, themed challenges to help you up-level in a specific […] »

How to Create Habits with Sunsama

Want to know the secret to creating new habits and sticking with them? Hint: It’s not Sunsama (though, as we’ll see, Sunsama can be a really big help.) There’s no app or workflow out there that will magically transform all your desired habits into actual habits. The key to developing habits is to perform the […] »

FINAL day to join Focus Academy!

The clock is ticking! Focus Academy enrollment closes tonight — which means you only have a few hours left to join our special January class before time runs out. The next time we open enrollment, two things will be true: The year will be more than halfway over. Our next class won’t be until later […] »

How to Get Back 7 Hours per Week

Raise your hand if your current schedule looks something like this: Adam shared this in the private Focus Academy Slack community during a previous Focus Academy class. (Reminder: enrollment for our January class closes in 5 days!) Keep in mind, that was just his work schedule. Imagine how it would look when factoring in family […] »

TSS Workshop: How to solve the 4 Failures of Productivity

There are only four elements of a busted productivity system, and I want to show you how to avoid them altogether and stay on track with your tasks, your time, and your habits. If you want to accomplish anything (from the small things in your day, to the big things of life and career), then […] »