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Advertising and Sponsorship Availability

Interested in promoting your awesome product, service, or company directly to our readership and site visitors? Great!

We’ve recently changed our prices and options for advertising and sponsorships.

Here are the two ways you can advertise with us:

  1. Sponsorship package ($425): This is the only way to reach our entire audience and readership. You get a sponsored blog post, two month-long banner ad placements (one in the top sidebar spot and one in the bottom sidebar spot), placement as the exclusive sponsor in our weekly email newsletter, and a thank-you tweet from our Twitter account.

  2. Banner ads only ($150): A one-month placement in the top sidebar spot featuring an image and accompanying text, as well as placement in the lower sidebar spot which features a large image.

To book your campaign, or if you’ve got any ideas or questions, please email Shawn Blanc.

We serve 225,000 monthly pageviews and reach 10,000 subscribers across RSS, Twitter, and email. The overwhelming majority of our monthly traffic is from people using an Apple device — 25% of site visitors are on an iPhone, 25% are on an iPad, and 33% are on a Mac.

Because we review and recommend the best Mac and iOS apps for certain needs and workflows we have become a resource for people looking to find the best app for their needs. Therefore our readership is, by nature, a group of discerning, intelligent men and women who invest money on high-quality products.