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A few tips for using Runkeeper on your runs

As you continue with new resolutions for 2016, running more might be one that some of you chose to pick up. Runkeeper is our favorite running app for the iPhone, so I wanted to give you a few short tips to make the app even better.

Auto Pause
Auto Pause is a feature that will pause your run if you stop moving for a few seconds. This allows you to wait for a traffic light to change or stop and tie your show without messing up your pace. It can be found in Runkeeper’s Settings → Additional Settings.

Auto Pause in Runkeeper

Audio Timing
Audio Timing is also found under Settings → Additional Settings. This feature allows you to get notified about your current statistics on a set time or distance. I personally get updates every 5 minutes.

Audio Timing in Runkeeper

Audio Cues
Audio Cues is also found under Settings → Additional Settings. This allows you to customize what the voice coach tells you whenever you get updates. I personally just have the coach tell me my time and distance.

Audio Cues in Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a great app, and January is the perfect time to start using it. If you scroll to the bottom of our review, you’ll find some of our favorite running accessories.

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