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1Password 5.5 for iOS brings numerous updates and fixes


1Password, the best password manager on the market, received a sizable iOS update today.

Version 5.5 brings a bunch of new things to the app, as outlined on the AgileBits blog:

  • Better Vault management: Switching better vaults (or collections of passwords) can now be done with just a few taps.
  • Touch ID recall: Before today’s update, if you accidentally tapped “Cancel” on the Touch ID dialogue, you’d be forced to re-enter your Master Password. No more; if Touch ID is available, there is now a fingerprint icon you can tap to immediately restore Touch ID.
  • Shared Unlock status: The extension and the app now share unlock settings, so if you unlock the main app, the extension will be able to use Touch ID and not require the re-entering of the Master Password.
  • PIN support on Apple Watch: Credit card items synced to the Apple Watch app will now show any PIN data entered into the program.

While none of these update are Earth-shattering, they are great examples of AgileBits working to smooth over the rough spots and little headaches in using 1Password on iOS. It’s this level of polish and care that helps make this a great app.