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Your bonus for joining Focus Academy today

Today is December 30, which means two things:

#1. You only have until midnight tonight to get The Personal Retreat Workshop + My Proven Productivity Templates Pack as a free bonus when you join Focus Academy.

Focus Academy will give you the perfect plan for recharging and staying fresh throughout the year so you can make steady progress toward your goals (without burning out).

#2. You’re just a couple of days away from returning to your “normal” schedule.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to relax, reflect, and enjoy some time to recharge over the holidays.

But whether you have or not, that first Monday of 2023 is coming…

Emails will start clogging your inbox again (the kind that actually demand your attention).

That wide-open calendar you’ve enjoyed the past few days will quickly fill up.

Time available for family and friends will dwindle.

Are you ready?

Years ago, when I was still working 80-hour work weeks, times like this filled me with dread.

It wasn’t until my first son was born that I finally took the necessary steps to reign in my schedule and get more control over my time.

As much as I loved my work (and still do), I didn’t want it to dominate my time and energy.

Besides…it’s not like those 80-hour weeks were helping me get ahead.

The worst part was that I somehow still always felt behind at the end.

The to-do list was never done. Work was always on my mind.

But over the last decade, I’ve managed to…

  • Transform my 80-hour work week into 35 hours (while still growing my business and team year after year).
  • Take 9 weeks off every year (and offer the same paid time off to my team).
  • Eliminate 90% of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination from my week.

Focus Academy is everything I’ve learned and tested with myself and 15,000+ students, distilled into a 4-week program that helps you get clear and restore sanity to your schedule.

In our weekly live coaching and implementation sessions, I personally guide you through:

  • The 5 Components of a Focused Life: These five components make up the core framework inside Focus Academy. You will discover what each component is, how they tie together, and how to use them as a tool for both diagnosing and solving problems related to your habits, schedule, tasks, goals, and motivation.
  • Delightful Goal Setting (Big & Small): You will identify life goals for each of the 6 major areas of your life and discover how your small actions tie into the larger desired outcomes you have.
  • Time Management & Your Ideal Schedule: You’re going to discover how to reduce your commitments and priorities and how to establish time in your schedule for doing the things that you value (and that only you can do).
  • How to Live A Life with Margin: Do you have the breathing room, health, and strength you need in order to lean into each area of your life? Margin exists for relationships and thus it enables you to be present for your most important roles and responsibilities in life. A life without margin is a life on the edge of burnout.
  • And so much more! Seriously. This is just a snapshot of the curriculum that hundreds of leaders have used to transform the results they’re getting in life.

If you could get back just one hour per day, what would you be able to accomplish?

What would you be able to stop doing?

I want to help you find out inside Focus Academy.

Explore the full agenda here so you can reserve your spot before the Fast Action Bonus expires at midnight tonight.

If you’re serious about making changes (and sticking to them) this year, Focus Academy will give you the strong foundation you need.

I’d LOVE for you to join us!


P.S. One of the special things about Focus Academy is the community of like-minded people it puts around you.

There’s something about working toward your goals alongside others that unlocks another level of accountability and commitment inside us.

I distinctly remember the words of one of our recent Academy alums, Andy, when he described what the community meant to him:

“As I listened to the examples from everyone else of what they were working on, things finally clicked for me. It gave me an inner permission to actually focus more on what matters for myself as well.”

You don’t have to go it alone this year.

Join us in Focus Academy and experience the difference a community of your peers can make.