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Woven – The Calendar That Saves You Time (Sponsor)


Your calendar should save you time. Period. With Woven, you can save hours every month by making the calendar work for you. Create smart templates to rapidly create complex events. Schedule one-off links directly from your calendar or publish your availability and let people book with you online. Get direct insights into how you spend your time with mobile tags and analytics so you can optimize your life for what you care about most. Beautifully designed, with bulit-in dark mode and useful “map” and “home” views, Woven doesn’t just help you get more done – it makes sure you get the right things done. If you miss Sunrise Calendar or want to become superhuman when it comes to scheduling, check out Woven today. Woven is available for iPhone, Mac, Windows (iPad support coming soon).

Our thanks to Woven for sponsoring the site this week!