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Why Dual Focus Email is Bad (Calm Inbox Video)

The last thing you want when it comes to your email is what we call “Dual Focus”.

Dual Focus is a waste of your time. Dual Focus is frustrating and annoying.

For example:

  • Dual Focus is when you are trying to have a Zoom meeting and your toddler busts into the room.
  • Dual Focus is driving and texting at the same time.
  • Dual Focus is picking up your phone to check the weather and then spending an accidental 10 extra minutes browsing social media.
  • Dual Focus is sitting down to send an email and then getting pulled into all the other tasks and items in your inbox instead.

You have Dual Focus any time you are trying to do one thing but something else is in your way, stopping you from getting started. And thus forcing you to deal with the latter before you can get on with the former.

You have enough distractions already. Why create more for yourself unnecessarily?

Consider it a victory any time you take a step toward the elimination of dual focus from your day.

Which is why it’s so important to have a Calm Inbox. By definition, a Calm Inbox is Singularly Focused.

The above video is one of the course lesson videos from the upcoming Calm Inbox course.

The Calm Inbox course has 22 lesson videos like this one, as well as 30 screencast tutorials. As I mentioned yesterday, this is our most ambitious (and perhaps most important) course yet.

Calm Inbox is about:

  1. Managing your email; and
  2. Developing a focused attention.

So often, when we are dealing with information overload, we think that a new app or a new trick will save us.

While that new app may feel exciting for a few days — or even a month — the app itself is not enough to change our state of overwhelm.

You need sustainable workflows combined with a change in habits. Otherwise you will fall right back in to the same defaults of checking things too often, fighting distraction, and always feeling preoccupied.

Our goal for you and your Calm Inbox is to help you fundamentally change the way you handle email.

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