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What we published, and links of note

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The best cloud photo management solution »

Google Photos hero

While Apple’s iCloud Photos is really well-done and built right into OS X and iOS, I prefer Google Photos for my photo management solution. It allows me to keep my photos organized in the Finder, but gives me the flexibility of also having everything in a powerful cloud service.

Saravanan Sivaraman’s Mac and iPhone setup »

Saravanan Sivaraman's desk

Saravanan Sivaraman is an IT Recruiter based out of Bangalore, India who works for an IT staffing firm and writes his own blog.

1Password would be the app without which life would be very miserable.

Want to share your Sweet Setup? »

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Quick Tip: Disconnect from an existing Wi-Fi network on your Mac »

Sometimes a Wi-FI connection is being flaky, or you simply want to disconnect from the WiFi network you are currently on. Most people typically do that by completely turning off the Wi-Fi on their Mac. You can also do this by holding Option while clicking the Wi-Fi icon in your menu bar. You’ll then see a “Disconnect from…” option.

Six Colors: Use plug-ins in GarageBand to improve podcast sound »

We’re all familiar with the professional tools for editing and producing audio — Logic and ProTools should ring a bell. But, every Mac comes with GarageBand, so why doesn’t it get more love? It might not be labeled as a “pro” audio production app, but it’s certainly very capable.

Jason Snell has several great tips on getting the most out of GarageBand and getting the best sound for your podcasts. And, I’d venture to say these tips can extend to other types of audio production as well.

Mail Act-On (Sponsor) »


Apple Mail offers useful but limited automation and filing features. Email power users who need more advanced capabilities can enhance and expand Mail’s tools with a plug-in from Indev called Mail Act-On.

Mail Act-On lets you file any message in any mailbox quickly using the keyboard (and without any advance setup or tedious memorization). It also extends Mail’s rules with Act-On rules (which you can apply to any message with a custom keystroke) and Outbox rules (which apply to messages as you’re sending them), providing a wide range of automation opportunities.

Try Mail Act-On with a 30-day free trial today.

Our thanks to InDev Software for again sponsoring the site to promote Mail Act-on. Their two plugins for Apple Mail (MailTagsand Mail Act-On) are best-in-class. Highly recommended if you use Apple Mail but wish it were more capable, clever, and just generally more friendly for power users.