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Week in review and links of note

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What we published this week

  • This week, we interviewed David Barnard, founder of Contrast, about his iPhone setup. It’s a short but informative read that covers the essentials of an interesting setup. In case you didn’t know, Contrast develops Launch Center Pro, which released a nice update this week. More on that below.

  • Quick Tip: The Ins and Outs of Find my iPhone. Find my iPhone is a free app that anyone can use, but what you do with it isn’t exactly straight-forward. Stephen takes some time to really explain what you can do with the app, how to set it up, and how it can help you if your iOS device is lost or stolen.

Launch Center Pro, Unread for iPad

  • Launch Center Pro, a fantastic iOS app launcher and automation tool, was updated this week to 2.3. It’s a major update with lots of goodies, such as IFTT support, encoding improvements, and a lot more. Federico goes into great detail on all of these additions, so start there.

  • Unread for iPad released. Back in February, Jared Sinclair released Unread — a beautiful new take on RSS on the iPhone — that received a lot of positive reactions and quickly became the #1 choice for many people. This week, he released Unread for iPad, which brings all of the awesomeness of the original Unread and puts it on the iPad. Federico wrote a nice review, and Stephen also had some great insights on the new app.

Reading on Unread is stress free and enjoyable. — Stephen Hackett

And, speaking of reading RSS on iOS, we’re currently working on our reviews of and pick for the best iPad and iPhone RSS clients.

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