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TSS Webinar: Organize Your Email (and Get More Focus)

Learn a few tips for how to create a more calm email inbox.

Join us on Thursday, October 1 as we host a free webinar for The Sweet Setup community.

This webinar is for you…

  • If you want less email and more focus

  • If you feel as if Inbox Zero is impossible.

  • If you struggle to prioritize the emails that truly need your attention.

  • If you find yourself checking email (and social media) all throughout the day, and not getting focused work done.

Webinar Details

What: Less email, more focus

When: Thursday 1 October @ 2pm Eastern / 1pm central

Where: Online. Please RSVP to get your link to join.


Yes, there will be a replay. If you can’t make it live we’ll be sending out a link to those folks who RSVP’d in order catch the replay video.