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How to use Scanbot more efficiently

Scanbot, the best scanning app for iOS, includes a number of ways to speed up your scanning process.

3D Touch

If you firmly press the Scanbot home screen icon (3D Touch), you see some great options. You can immediately scan a QR code, a multi-page document, or just a single page. I find this extremely helpful as I don’t have a dedicated QR reader. Remember, you need an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus for 3D Touch to work.

3D Touch options for Scanbot

Advanced Settings

If you go to the Advanced Settings section of Scanbot ettings, you can also set the app to launch directly to the camera by enabling the Start with Camera option. I have this enabled because I immediately upload to Dropbox and then delete the scan. This allows me to quickly scan, upload, and then remove the photo from the app.

In Advanced Settings, you can also customize your e-mail template for when you email a scan from Scanbot.

Scanbot Advanced Settings

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