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Tomorrow is Thursday

Tomorrow is Thursday.

Tomorrow, we open registration for our flagship coaching program — Focus Course Live.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The price is being cut by more than half. (Seriously!)
  • The Mastermind small-group component has been reconfigured, and we are making it available to ALL who enroll.

Other than those 2 things, it’s the same fantastic, cohort-based experience that thousands of creative professionals have enjoyed over the past three years! (Formerly known as Focus Academy.)

We only do this twice per year, and tomorrow is the big day for our upcoming January cohort.

There’s a reason we’ve always run one of our two classes right at the beginning of the year.

January is the month that sets the tone for the year. It’s the month when people are most open to making changes. It’s the month when so many of us are buzzing with new ideas and goals we’d like to pursue…if only our schedules would allow it.

Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish in 2024, focus is the superpower for actually following through on it.

Here are some examples from past alumni:

  • Focus Course Live alum Alexandra Immel was finally able to stick to a balanced schedule that left time for work, herself, family, friends, and personal projects.
  • Mo Bunnell was able to lead his business to its best quarter ever while spending more time at home with his family.
  • Jenette McEntire paid off $13,000 in debt AND wrote her first children’s book — a project she’d been trying to get to for years.

Focus Course Live is not about giving you a bunch of “quick fix” tips and tricks to make you more productive. This is for creative professionals who want to restore margin and focus to their full-time life.

I’ll help you build a system that keeps you aligned with what matters most to you on a daily basis so you can be consistent in 2024.

So that…

When distractions inevitably rear their heads…

When false urgency tries to push aside all the stuff you said matters…

When things start to look a little foggy and you’re not 100% sure what to do next…

You’re still able to make meaningful progress in the midst of tension and setbacks.

That’s what makes the kind of outcomes I listed above possible:

  • Hitting your professional and financial goals.
  • Finally making progress on that side project that’s wasting away on the back-burner.
  • Having a schedule that allows for rest and recovery instead of constantly jumping from one fire to the next.

These are the byproducts of a focused life.

I’d be honored to help you start living one.

Stay tuned for the enrollment link tomorrow.

— Shawn

P.S. We’ll have some nice bonuses for those who enroll early, so watch your inbox tomorrow!