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Tomorrow: How to Build Your Focused Life (Webinar)

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 20, Iโ€™m hosting a free online class and you wonโ€™t want to miss it:

How to Build a Focused Life (even if you hate productivity and arenโ€™t naturally organized).

Youโ€™ll get a walkthrough of the system I use for identifying, planning, and consistently getting the right things done.

  • How I eliminated 90% of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination from my week.
  • How to get more breathing room in your schedule (even if it feels impossible).
  • How my company uses the 4-Focus Method to take two months off (paid) every year.
  • A walkthrough of our two productivity frameworks: The 5 Components of a Focused Life and the 4-Focus Method.

๐Ÿ‘‰ RSVP here for your link to join us live (or to get replay access).

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P.S. Everyone who registers will get free copies of my popular productivity templates: The flywheel cheatsheet plus my daily, weekly, and monthly planner templates!