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Today: Productivity Workshop (Register Here)

Join yours truly today for a live productivity workshop that will be all about how to better manage your tasks and your time! Because YOLO.

Live-Online Productivity Workshop: March 18 @ 2pm EST with Shawn Blanc

WHEN: Today! Thursday, 18 March at 2pm EDT

WHERE: Live-online via Zoom (you’ll get the link once you’ve registered)

PRICE: Registration is $29

WHAT YOU GET: When you register for the workshop, you’ll get:

  • Private link to join us at the live workshop
  • Access to the replay videos
  • Live Q&A
  • Downloadable templates and workflows


(Fair warning: we are going to look at the big picture of how to prioritize, plan, and follow through with your most important activities. It’s my holistic approach to task and time management that works with any tools, apps, etc. And, fair warning, it is going to be jam-packed! I hope I will be able to get through all the material in the time allotted.)

Why a big picture approach? Well, there are 4 big symptoms to a busted productivity workflow:

  1. Busywork: Doing tasks and activities that are not rewarding; they don’t add up into anything substantial over time. Simply but, they’re not the best use of your time.

  2. Reactive work: When you find yourself reacting to the needs of others and unable to follow through with your own priorities.

  3. Procrastination: When you and/or your team have a hard time following through on your commitments. Tasks get put off to the last minute, or skipped altogether.

  4. Burnout: When you feel like you’re on the hamster-wheel of hustle. You are overworked and unmotivated.

Because of this, if we were to focus only on the specifics of task automation or time management tricks, then we may only be addressing one symptom of a larger problem.

If you deal with any of these, then come join me at the workshop.


If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, then don’t worry. We will be recording the whole thing and will make it available to everyone who registers.

Hope to see you there!