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Today: Get Inside Our Productivity Vault

We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this…

Now through Monday only, you can get an all-access pass to every course, workshop, and resource we’ve ever released.

That means you’ll have 10 days to dive into ANY resource in our library, such as…

  • 📅 The Margin Course*. A 5-day series that helps you restore breathing room in your schedule. Think of it like a cleanse for burnout.
  • ✅ The productivity masterclass All the Things, which includes a look at my “Hybrid Productivity Method” and hooks you up with the same task- and time-management workflows that save me hours each week.
    ˆˆ I also recommend checking out the workshop from David Sparks about his Startup and Shutdown routines. This was a private workshop that David did for the membership community that everyone talked about for weeks.
  • ⚡ Our in-depth trainings on top productivity apps. If you’ve ever wanted to get better with tools like Notion, Ulysses, Things, GoodNotes, and Obsidian, you’ll have everything you need to use them like a pro.
  • 💡 The ENTIRE Idea Masterclass Series that includes all of our go-to systems for capturing notes and organizing ideas in a way that cuts the creative process in half.
    ˆˆ I also recommend you check out the bonus workshops on “sensemaking” and PKM quick start, as well as the workflows for book notes, project management, ideation, goal setting, writing, and more.
  • 🧘 The Calm Inbox System. This is the step-by-step process for organizing your email and creating automated systems that help you only deal with messages that require your personal attention.
  • 🔎 And, of course, The Focus Course — our flagship training on goal setting, strategy, time management, and habits. And it includes the Personal Mission Map, the Ownership Matrix, How to Build an Ideal Schedule, and more.
  • Plus dozens of additional resources on every productivity topic under the sun!

Many of these tools are regularly over $100 when purchased alone.

But until Monday, you can get a 10-day pass to ALL of them for just $1 per day.

No matter what focus-related challenge you’re facing right now, Focus Accelerator has something that can help you conquer it.

Go here to grab the deal before it’s gone!

P.S. The cool thing about your Focus Accelerator membership is that you ALSO get free access to every on-demand course or workshop we release in the future while you’re a member.

So to sum it up:

  • If there is a course that we offer, you get access to it.
  • If there is a new course we build, you’ll get that too. Automatically.
  • If there is a new tool or resource we design, it’s yours.

So yeah. It’s pretty awesome!

Give it a try now for just $10.