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This Writing Workflow = Peak Creativity (Free Webinar)

If you want to know how much of a productivity nerd you truly are, there’s only one question you need to ask:

How excited does the term workflow make you? 🤓

If you’re sitting at your desk doing this right now…

…then you need to save your spot on our free workshop next week — The Focused Writer: Improve Your Workflows.

(I, for one, am definitely a huge workflow nerd. But only inasmuch as it helps me get things done that I want, instead of having a system that gets in my own way.)

Next week, in this live class, I’m going to take you into the weeds on all the nerdy (aka AWESOME) ways you can optimize your workflows for creative projects.

Also! You’re going to walk away with a simple process for being more focused and less stressed when it’s time for you to:

  • Sit down for focused writing
  • Flesh out your ideas
  • Get creative and do your best work

Even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands!

👉 Here’s the link to RSVP!

You’ll see:

  • The four steps of an organized writing workflow that will remove stress and procrastination from your creative process.
  • Two big problems that keep creators stuck (and how to get past them them TODAY).
  • How to organize: ideas for simplifying and managing your notes.
  • The secret to getting your creative juices flowing without needing a ton of “ramp up” time.
  • And more!

Plus: You’ll get a free copy of the Show Up Every Day Cheat Sheet just for attending! It’s a quick-start guide that will help you be more focused and intentional with your focused work time.

Register for The Focused Writer: Improve Your Workflows Workshop (it’s free!)

What: The Focused Writer: Improve Your Workflows (Live Workshop) — How to optimize your creative workflows and become more focused during your writing and creative work.

When: Tuesday, August 29 — 3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific / 7pm GMT

Where: RSVP here and we’ll email you a link to join us live online.

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If you ever find that your deep work time is often filled with distractions, procrastination, or confusion, then join me LIVE for this free class.