Things 3.8 for iOS Debuts New Dark Mode

Back in September, Cultured Code debuted a dark mode for Things 3 on macOS Mojave โ€”ย a large departure from the widely-revered white design Things 3 has become known for. Today, that dark mode has hit the iOS apps as well in version 3.8.

Dark mode in Things 3.8 for iPhone and iPad can be toggled manually in the settings menu or it can be automatically switched based on your deviceโ€™s screen brightness. This is generally the approach I take โ€”ย bright white UIs are hard on the eyes at night, but they are still my preferred design at large.

This dark mode in Things 3.8 is very similar to the one that debuted for macOS, the sole difference being a true black theme for iPhones and iPads. This theme looks tremendous on the OLED iPhone X/XS/XS Max and, despite not being OLED, looks exceptional on the new iPad Pros as well.

Aside from this dark mode, thereโ€™s nothing new in Things 3.8. The app continues to shine in terms of performance and stability, and we continue to applaud many of the continued changes Cultured Code throws our way. With the continuing push of OmniFocus 3 โ€” especially the debut of OmniFocus for the web โ€”ย we hope Cultured Code continues pushing out updates at their current pace.

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