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Uuni 2S (Sponsor)

What is Uuni?

Uuni 2S now features a stone baking board and our patent pending Flame Keeper. These two new features allow it to heat up to 930ยฐF (500ยฐC) in less than 10 minutes. That intense heat cooks a pizza in under 90 seconds.

And of course, it burns wood for that authentic Neapolitan wood-fired flavour

Uuni is super fast to assemble โ€” less than ten minutes – and at 24 lbs itโ€™s very portable. Uuni is made of beautiful brushed stainless steel so it can take any weather you throw at it (weโ€™re based in Scotland so we know!). Check it out, and make sure to read some of the reviews our customers have left โ€” weโ€™re very proud of them.

Free 100% oak pellets with your Uuni 2S? Add both to your cart and use the code thesweetsetup.


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Our thanks to Uuni for sponsoring the site this week.