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The Perfect Week (Save the date)

There are pretty much only two ways to plan your week:

  1. Show up on Monday and find out what happens.

  2. Purposefully plan what you actually want and need to do.

Which do you think is more effective?

Yeah. That’s why I decided to create The Perfect Week Plan, live-online workshop.

This is a brand-new training I’m doing next week.

And it’s completely free for you to join.

It’ll be on on Wednesday, Jan 31.

👉 Click here to RSVP and save your spot.

. . . .

Maybe you already have your weekly schedule dialed in. Or maybe you’re struggling, and you want to pinpoint the changes you need to make.

Whatever the case, this workshop will help you level up your planning skills so you can create your perfect week (without any of the annoying fuss).

Come, set aside a small bit of time to think things through alongside me and hundreds of other like minded creators, business owners, parents, and so-busy-it-hurts professionals.

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Your future self will thank you!

P.S. This free workshop will be recorded, and I’ll be sending out a link to the replay (but just to those who RSVP).

At the workshop next week, I’ll be sharing some of my best, stand-alone frameworks and ideas. So there’ll be plenty of good stuff that you won’t want to miss, but…

… I’ll just say that my team and I are trying and testing something very drastic and new with our products and pricing this year. And so I’ve got something that will only be available to those who RSVP for the webinar. So, even if you can’t make it live, consider signing up to get replay access.