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The CEO Who Had No Goals (Video)

I recently heard a surprising admission from a very successful CEO:

He had never set personal goals in his life.

When we were talking, I struggled to believe him.

This is someone who runs a successful market research consultancy and has been in business for 25+ years.

He is like the exact kind of person who you would think has everything together. How could he have not set some personal goals along the way?

“I mean, yeah, I had goals,” he said. “I wanted to be successful. I wanted to raise my family…But it wasn’t like I had a plan. I was just wandering on autopilot.”

Jay had an idea of what he wanted, and had even achieved aspects of it, but was his life actually moving in the direction he wanted?

He couldn’t tell you, because he’d never plotted that direction.

Without goals, vision, and a concrete plan for your life, your energy has a habit of going in many directions at once, some positive, some neutral, and some negative.

Think about it like this:

Focused energy graphic

This CEO, Jay Shutter, was firmly on the left side of the above image. Until he joined us inside my training program.

The experience changed him so dramatically that he not only walked away feeling a renewed sense of confidence and vision for his life — he also signed up 10 of his employees up to go through Focus Course Live as well.

“It was a game changer. I wish I’d done this 30 years ago.”

If you’re feeling pulled in a million different directions instead of on a clear, focused path of your choosing, I highly recommend watching this short video about Jay’s experience in Focus Course Live.

Jay interview gif

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Focus Course Live is your chance to stop operating on autopilot and take back control.

Over the course of four live online coaching sessions, plus some accompanying exercises, you will begin to align your day-to-day habits with your longer term goals and vision in life, so your energy stays straight instead of constantly going in different directions.

And just like Jay says in his video, it’s not just for business owners.

“Everybody was challenged with the same thing,” he said. “They wanted to get a lot more done than they thought they could.”

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— Shawn