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The Focus Quiz

We have a brand-new tool that is our first collaboration between our two sister sites: The Focus Course and The Sweet Setup.

It’s called The Focus Quiz, and it’s a personal productivity assessment.

Over the years, working with thousands of people, we’ve discovered that there are four main obstacles people face when it comes to being focused, productive, and creative.

However, because the symptoms of these different obstacles can sometimes look similar, oftentimes when people try to treat the symptom they don’t get to the actual problem.

And that is why so much productivity advice unknowingly focuses on the wrong thing.

This new — and free! — tool is our way of helping fix that for you.

You can check it out right here:


With your personal focus assessment, you can find out where you’re struggling to be productive, and discover your recommended pathway for improving your focus and productivity.

The quiz is easy and takes just a few minutes. You’ll get your results right away.