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Staying productive with Pomodoro technique (Sponsor)

We’ve all had one of those days, when you just feel the exact opposite of productive. No amount of coffee will help you concentrate and you just can’t get into the zone.

You can still be exceptionally productive on a lazy day, if you just use a systematic approach with some proven techniques:

  • Write down tasks to work on: Plan your day, write it down and set it as your goal.
  • Make estimates, aka timebox your tasks: Try to estimate how long will things take. If something is only 30 minutes, you’ll be excited to get started and get it out of the way!
  • Use Pomodoro technique: Split your work into 25 minute intervals. Take five after each session. It’s just good old divide & conquer.

FocusList is a simple app that will help you with exactly that: Planning, Estimating and Pomodoro technique. It works on Mac, iOS and Apple Watch, synced in real time.

Our thanks to FocusList for sponsoring the site this week!