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State of the art Remote Access with Remotix (Sponsor)


Enjoy a state-of-the-art remote access solution with Remotix.

Remotix lets you access all your computers remotely, wherever you are, wherever they are.

In November 2019, Nulana updated Remotix with some important features, truly making it a state-of-the-art application that’s fast and secure. Remotix is available on all major platforms and lets desktop and mobile users connect to other computers running Windows, Linux, and macOS. Remotix also includes its own cloud service and (with the latest updates) a built-in file manager.

Remotix supports standard VNC and RDP protocols and also includes its own low-latency protocol called NEAR. Developed in-house, NEAR is not only notably faster than others, but also provides several unique features like remote sound transfer and easy multi-language input.

Nulana will continue to update Remotix in the future, addressing issues that arise and adding even more features. You can get the latest version of Remotix on App Store, Google Play, or the Nulana website.

Our thanks to Nulana for sponsoring the site this week!