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SOTKA: First ever EduFitness App! (Sponsor)


SOTKA isn’t just another fitness app with a bunch of different exercises mixed together in a “program”, but rather an educational course which provides you with all the answers to the questions about physical training, nutrition, self-management, motivation and so on. In this app you don’t just repeat the exercises which you are given, but get the full understanding how your body works. This gives you access to the infinite number of exercises where your imagination is the only limit. You don’t just get the ready-made recipes for dinner, but get the full understanding what food is made of and how different macronutrients affect your body. This gives you opportunity to eat everything you want (ice-creams, pizzas, you name it) and still get results you want, whether it’s weight loss or weight gain. And SOTKA goes beyond just training and nutrition, covering other different aspects of life, so by the end of the programm you would be a completely different person: stronger, healthier, sexier and more confident!

SOTKA has already helped more than 500,000 people around the globe to transform their lives, so don’t waste your time and check it right now in AppStore!

Our thanks to SOTKA for sponsoring the site this week!