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Scanbot adds reminders with version 3.5

Scanbot was chosen as our favorite document scanning app for iOS a few months back. Just recently, it was updated to version 3.5 which added a feature that I never expected: reminders.

While it requires the Pro update, it does add an interesting twist to the app. Although it provides its own reminders service using local push notifications, it can also work with Evernote’s reminders along with the built-in iOS Reminders app.

Reminders from Scanbot

Why is this useful? Let’s say that you are out to a business lunch and you scan your receipt before you leave the restaurant. What is reminding you to process this when you get back to the office? That is where this feature is useful.

They’ve also added 1Password integration into the logins for cloud services. Overall, Scanbot continues to add new features and remains our go to scanning app.

You can read our review of Scanbot, or just grab the iOS app.