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Scanbot 4 released


Scanbot, the best scanning app for iOS, receieved a big update today.

The update includes a long list of enhancements and bug fixes, but two features stand out:


In Scanbot 4, once a document has been scanned, commonly-used workflows are immediately available. If you always send scans to Dropbox, that option will be surfaced for you, saving you both time and tapping.


Scanbot 4’s OCR engine is more useful than ever. If a scanned document contains information like a URL, phone number, or address, the app will extract them and put them in a menu for the user to tap and visit, call, or look up.

Quick-Actions is part of the in-app upgrade to Scanbot Pro.

In addition to these two new fatures, the app can now send scanned documents to an FTP server or Microsoft OneNote.

Version 4 of the app is avaible now on the iOS App Store as a free update.