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Save the Date: How to Build a Focused Life (Webinar)

Random fact: There are 109 days left in 2023.

When I realized this, I had one thought…

That’s so much time. Let’s go!

When September starts, I know that it can feel as if the year is almost over.

It can feel as if the projects we wanted to accomplish this year will have to wait until next year, and that with the holidays approaching things are going to be too crazy.

But 109 days is 30% of the entire year.

You don’t need more time to make continued progress in 2023 — you just need focus.

That’s why next week I’m hosting a free, live workshop: How to Build a Focused Life (even if you hate productivity and aren’t naturally organized)

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You’ll get a walkthrough of the system I use for identifying, planning, and consistently getting the right things done.

  • How I eliminated 90% of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination from my week.
  • How to get more breathing room in your schedule (even if it feels impossible).
  • How my company uses the 4-Focus Method to take two months off (paid) every year.
  • A walkthrough of our two productivity frameworks: The 5 Components of a Focused Life and the 4-Focus Method.

What: Free, live workshop to help you get focused for 2023’s stretch run.

When: Tuesday, September 20 at 2pm Eastern | 1pm Central | 11am Pacific

Where: Online — just click here to RSVP and save your spot

Whether you’re feeling stuck or you’re doing well but want to level up your game, this workshop will show you how.

There’s still time to launch that big project.

Or to get your overwhelming calendar under control.

Or to clarify your goals and priorities for the rest of the year.

You just need focus to make it happen.

109 days adds up to 2,616 hours.

What if you set aside just one of those hours to join me at this workshop so you can make the most of all the others?

This time investment will pay itself back tenfold when you apply the frameworks I’m going to show you.

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