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Revive Your Productivity in Two Hours (TSS Workshop)

Live-Online Productivity Workshop: March 18 @ 2pm EST with Shawn Blanc

The Productivity workshop will show you how to improve your entire approach to task and time management. We will walk you through what we call the 4-Part Productivity Flywheel. There will be a combination of live training, Q&A discussion, and hands-on workflow templates.

Join Shawn Blanc for a live, 2-hour workshop on task and time management.

WHEN: Thursday, 18 March at 2pm EST

WHERE: Live-online via Zoom

PRICE: Registration is $29

WHAT YOU GET: When you register for the workshop, you’ll get:

  • Private link to join us at the live workshop on March 18
  • Access to the replay videos
  • Live Q&A
  • Downloadable templates and workflows
  • Plus: Early access to a bonus checklist cheatsheet you can start using right now


Simple Strategies for Task and Time Management

The aim of this workshop is to show you how to better manage your tasks and your time. But to-do lists and calendars are only a small part of the bigger picture.

You will also learn how to better prioritize and manage your responsibilities, how to follow-through with what is important to you, and how to stay motivated.

Is your productivity system busted?

There are 4 primary symptoms of a busted productivity flow:

Symptoms of Busted Productivity

  1. Busywork: Doing tasks and activities that are not rewarding, they don’t add up nor do they compound into anything substantial over time, and they don’t really move things forward. Simply put, they’re not the best use of your time.

  2. Reactive work: When you find yourself reacting to the needs of others and unable to follow through with your own priorities. There is always something else coming your way that you have to react to, and you’re not able to proactively focus on the things that you know you should be doing.

  3. Procrastination: When you and/or your team have a hard time following through on your commitments. Tasks get put off to the last minute, or skipped altogether.

  4. Burnout: When you feel like your just on the hamster-wheel of hustle. You are feeling burnt out, unmotivated, and can’t see how your current activities lead toward your desired outcomes.

You’ll find these symptoms in teams, companies, and even in your own individual day-to-day life.

Join me (Shawn Blanc) for a workshop on better productivity where I will explain exactly what causes each of the above problems, and how to solve them.

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of folks to improve their productivity, their time management, and their focus. In that time we’ve identified the most common challenges and how to easily overcome them.

Don’t stay stuck in a busted loop of bad productivity. Because this cycle of productivity repeats, if you don’t make changes to one or more areas, then things will simply continue. And that sucks.

At this workshop, my aim is to give you the tools you need to:

  • Improve your focus (on a weekly and daily basis)
  • Get out of those symptoms that plague a broken productivity system.
  • Identify, with confidence, what you should (and should not) be doing.
  • Begin putting your tasks onto your calendar.
  • Restore margin and breathing room to your life.


Flywheel of Focused Productivity

The 4-Step Productivity Flywheel

After leading our first beta cohort through the new Focus Course Academy, one of the themes that stuck out most was our 4-Step Productivity Flywheel.

This flywheel is awesome for several reasons: It can help you identify what’s broken and what to do about it. It’s a system that works for teams just as well as for individuals. And, most importantly, it’s a simple framework for consistently giving your time and attention to the things that matter most.

During the workshop, we’ll dive deeper into this framework and, as a result, you’ll discover how to overcome busywork, get out of reactive mode, stop procrastinating, and get back from burnout.

  • How to get clear and identify what is essential
  • How to create an implementation intention and be proactive about doing the work that matters
  • How to build a system of execution: managing your time and tasks
  • How (and why) to celebrate your progress

As the saying goes, vision without execution is just hallucination.

If you sometimes struggle to manage, organize, and prioritize your tasks and your time… this workshop will give you some very practical tools and examples that you can begin using right now.

Register for the Productivity Workshop

When: Thursday, 18 March from 2 – 4pm EST

Where: Live-online via Zoom

Price: $29

Your registration gets you access to the following:

  • Link to join the live workshop
  • Access to the replay videos
  • Live Q&A
  • Downloadable templates and workflows
  • Plus: Instant access to a checklist cheatsheet you can start using right now

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