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Quiz: Which Email App is Best For You?

Email Quiz hero image

Here at The Sweet Setup, we have been finding, testing, using, reviewing, and picking the best apps since 2013.

And there are certain app picks that require a bit of nuance to be considered the best, such as task apps, note-taking apps, and email apps…

For these categories there are many excellent options, and different people have different needs.

And so…

While we are happy to continue to be opinionated about our top picks for most folks, we have also developed a new quiz that will help you find the best app for you.

Here’s how the quiz works:

  1. Start by answering the questions.
  2. Get your result instantly to find out which email app we think is best for you.
  3. If you want to get a free video that we made specifically for your recommended email app, then you’ll have the option to enter in your email at the end so we can send the video to you.

Take the Quiz and find out which email app is best for you: