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Quick Tip: Using Tabs in Finder

With OS X Mavericks, Apple added Safari-like tabs to Finder, making it easier to deal with things while working with multiple folders. Here are some quick tips to make Tabs a little more manageable.

1. Merge all windows into one

If you have multiple windows open and want them to become tabs in the same window, select the “Merge All Windows” command in Finder’s Window menu.

This is one of our favorites. And, by the way, did you know you can do the same thing in Safari?

2. Open a folder in a new tab

While a new tab can be opened from the File menu in Finder — or using CMD+T — opening a folder in a new tab is just a right-click away:

Firing this command will show the selected folder in a new tab in the same window and leave your current view alone in its own tab.

3. Move content between tabs

I often find myself using tabs to quickly compare two folders’ contents. CMD+Shift+{ and CMD+Shift+} can be used to move between tabs quickly (just like Safari), and moving content is as easy as dragging a folder or file from its current tab to another:

As shown in this image, the target tab will show a blue box when the content is ready to be moved.

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