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Quick Tip: Using Tabs in Finder

With OS X Mavericks, Apple added Safari-like tabs to Finder, making it easier to deal with things while working with multiple folders. Here are some quick tips to make Tabs a little more manageable.

1. Merge all windows into one

If you have multiple windows open and want them to become tabs in the same window, select the โ€œMerge All Windowsโ€ command in Finderโ€™s Window menu.

This is one of our favorites. And, by the way, did you know you can do the same thing in Safari?

2. Open a folder in a new tab

While a new tab can be opened from the File menu in Finder โ€” or using CMD+T โ€” opening a folder in a new tab is just a right-click away:

Firing this command will show the selected folder in a new tab in the same window and leave your current view alone in its own tab.

3. Move content between tabs

I often find myself using tabs to quickly compare two foldersโ€™ contents. CMD+Shift+{ and CMD+Shift+} can be used to move between tabs quickly (just like Safari), and moving content is as easy as dragging a folder or file from its current tab to another:

As shown in this image, the target tab will show a blue box when the content is ready to be moved.

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