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Quick Tip: Using Alfred to trigger common system commands

I’ve been using Alfred for many years now. We recently picked it as our favorite OS X launcher. One of my most used features is the System Commands section. This allows me to lock my mac, eject all my external drives (I keep two Time Machine drives running at all time), or force quit Apps right from the keyboard.

Alfred System settings

If you visit the Settings screen of Alfred, you’ll see the Features section. Then, look for System toward the bottom of the list. From there, you’ll see a list of commands that Alfred can perform, and you can also customize the trigger. Many of the commands come with an option to require confirmation as well. This is helpful to keep yourself from shutting your Mac down or putting it to sleep accidentally.

Alfred system command

Alfred is one of those tools that I really miss when I sit down at a Mac that isn’t my own. Do you have any great Alfred tips? Let us know!

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